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Ezrixx - 20 - DTM
Weirdo? Yes I am.

03 May 2016, 2:22 AM
Final Exam ;(



Now, I'm in the fourth semester. It's mean that there are only two semesters to go. After that I will be facing my LATIHAN INDUSTRI. And then get ready for my CONVOCATION. Yahoo!!!

Easy to say...

But in real life (not in narrative like above), aku kena hadap dengan macam-macam masalah (tiba-tiba BM la pulak). Assignment berlambak, tutorial berderet. Tu tak campur lagi dengan mid term exam, quiz n also test. Tak terkecuali projek itu dan ini. N last but not least, the most of the most (wujudkah???), FINAL EXAM. Huh!!!

Life as a student is really challenging...

But, people always say, TAK SUSAH NAK SUSAH, TAK SENANG NAK SENANG. So, mahu atau tak, kena hadap lah jugak bersama dengan titisan air mata.

Ok... back to the main idea of this post. Actually, aku nak cakap yang final exam untuk semester 4 ni is just around the corner. Why time is running so fast???!!! Hopefully I can do well. No repeating (sangat berharap...).

May I passing with flying colours...

Tolong doakan ye =)